Feeling a bit under the weather this week, so my blog will be shorter than usual, but I definitely wanted to bring this up. I had a happy accident last week when I browsed back to a listing site that I hadn’t visited in awhile, looking to see how our entry was faring. Well, lo and behold, on the ‘recently updated’ list was a webcomic I hadn’t heard of going by the name Death Springs. The blurb promised a rousing zombie apocalypse tale set in the Old West, so I clicked through and checked it out.

Fatefully enough, this week’s page of Death Springs, the one that I opened up to (and which you’ll open up to should you read this blog before their Thursday update), presented a familiar echo in the form of a man branding captive zombies on their foreheads. Now you might ask, did this rile me… and I’ll truthfully answer no. I see it as them being either inspired by us, or (much more likely) they’ve never heard of us and just ended up on a similar road—and that’s actually still gratifying to me because I see it as vindication of my early thoughts that the best, most visible place to brand your bipedal zombie herd would be smack dab in the middle of their headbones. Great minds thinking alike and all that. I sent off a note of greetings and support and let them know I’d be mentioning them in this week’s blog.

Death Springs  just made its debut in March of this year, but there’s a veteran team behind it that certainly shows in the quality of the finished product. So if you’re in the mood to add another dose of western-flavored zombie tales to your webcomics feed, I highly recommend giving it a look. Just one bit of advice: when an old medicine man warns you not to drink the water? Best to heed his words.