It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the States, which also goes by the perhaps less controversial moniker of Turkey Day because yeah, celebrating the Native Americans and Pilgrims coming together a few hundred years ago has some problematic overtones considering what’s gone down between then and now. This is a case where it’s likely for the best to just embrace the modern pop culture view of the holiday as a time for getting together with family and friends and bingeing, both in a food and a media sense.

Even before the rise of Netflix, this was a time for television marathons, whether that came in the form of several concurrent games of (American) football, or episodes of The Twilight Zone, or perhaps most near and dear to the nerdy hearts of Dawn and myself, MST3k.

Which isn’t to say services like Netflix haven’t changed up the game even more, since hey, the traditional four-day weekend is a pretty opportune time to catch up on Stranger Things 2, or The Punisher, or even older show blocks that you never finished or even started. There is a fine-tuned degree of control to such bingeing that the old ways of just tuning in to an ongoing marathon cannot match, though such must ideally be balanced against the food comas or semi-comas many of us will be slipping into. Too much thinkin’ goes against the grain of just wanting to hibernate on the couch or easy chair.

But still, especially given the timing, I’m tempted to give Godless a go. At the time this blog publishes (or shortly thereafter) the episode dump of its premiere season should be live and it’s been a while since I’ve properly immersed myself in a Western. The scuttlebutt on this one so far sounds promising and the gimmick of a frontier town literally “unmanned” by a terrible mining accident, leaving the womenfolk in non-traditional roles as they deal with outsiders, has me intrigued. I’m betting there’ll be a Suzie-esque sort in the bunch. Perhaps more than one. Dare I hope for a Rosa?

In any case, if you’re living in one of the many nations out there for which this week has no particular significance then you’ll have a tougher decision to make on the use of your time. You also may be able to go out shopping without fear of dying, since Black Friday for me is another wonderful reason to just wrap up in blankets and stay the hell home. Alas, we do have to emerge long enough to drop off and pick up Dawn’s art pieces from LosCon — though perhaps not so alas if enough of them sell. We’re not exhibiting, but be sure to check them out in the Art Show if you happen to be there!