Dawn Wolf – Artist

Mix 2 cups of artist, 3 tbsp of martial arts, 2 tsps of nerd, and 1/4 tsps of rural Southern California. Stir well and serve. Born in Riverside County, Dawn spent most of her life hiding from the local population through her drawings. Eventually she made her escape to the Los Angeles area, where she cunningly married before they could deport her back. Dawn has showcased her artwork for many years both at the San Diego Comic Con Art Show and her personal website at www.artofdawn.com. She has done occasional web comic strips in the past, such as her oddball journal Bits of Nothing, but Zombie Ranch is the first major collaboration with her husband penning the tale. Please don’t listen when she claims to have been raised by duckiecorns. It only encourages her.

If you want to help Dawn continue to draw her odd and beautiful drawings, you can show your support on her Patreon through donations or commenting on her posts here: patreon.com/artofdawnblank_spacer

Clint Wolf – Writer

Although he has the kind of name that would suit an Old West hero mighty fine, Clint must admit to being born and raised in Los Angeles, where at various times he has sojourned as an actor, a tech support drone, and even a teacher, while on the writing front he contributed to West End Games, White Dwarf, and The Diplomatic Pouch. After Dawn entered his life he found her often asking advice on turns of phrase or even entire paragraphs of text for various projects she was working on. Her ideas proved infectious as any zombie-inducing virus, so it was only a matter of time before he committed to a full-on team up; and that was just marriage. Zombie Ranch represents a whole new level of complication in the relationship, but one that should hopefully remain positive so long as he doesn’t introduce a character dressed in plaid.

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