At the Z Ranch these days, it’s hard to keep away from the cameras for long. Rosa and Chuck almost made it without notice. Almost. But now they’re on record, and that smile on Darlene’s face doesn’t seem to bode well for them, either.

logo_lbce_smallIt’s convention time again! Your humble Zombie Ranch proprietors will be at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend, February 28th and March 1st, at Artist’s Alley table E5 (we should be in the program under ‘Clint Wolf’). Also on Sunday, Clint will be appearing at a panel at 3:30pm in room SB4 for the podcast The Satellite Show, where he and a select panel of peers will discuss their bad movie viewing club and how it got the name “Yakmala!”, along with clips from their favorite best of the worsts. Join us if you dare!