Nice chaperoning there, Chuck.

Since one of our long-time readers brought it up last week (thanks, ConcordBob!) but I don’t think we have any sort of permanent link on the site yet, we wanted to remind everyone that we do have a Patreon that can be contributed to if you’ve been enjoying the story. Clint and I don’t get paid for doing the comic beyond whatever we manage from a bit of ad revenue or occasional online and convention sales, and while we’re committed to doing it for as long as the story and our ability holds out regardless of that, if you felt able and willing to contribute even a buck a month we would certainly not turn it down!

In any case, keep reading and enjoying!

(CLINT: The observant will of course note this Patreon page is technically for Dawn’s artwork, but Zombie Ranch is part of that. Plus, we’re married. It’s cool. I get half. 😀 )