The B-roll is a term in the film industry referring to alternative footage shot by a second unit, often without sound. Perhaps unfortunately for ClearStream, this “Z-Roll” Rosa’s dredged up still has the sound intact, and it’s showing us at long last what the literal second unit (Camera 2) was up to during a fairly significant gap. Episode 1 was all about raw footage, true, but that doesn’t mean we saw all of it, and chances are this particular footage is soon to get very, very raw indeed.

Side note, if any of you happen to be attending LosCon this weekend, be sure to stop by their art show and check out some of Dawn’s artwork for sale!

Other very important side note: if you appreciate being able to read Zombie Ranch and other independent comics online for free, be aware the FCC’s planned Net Neutrality repeal appears to still be set to go forward, with a final vote possible within the month.

Last time we mentioned this back in June we also mentioned that we try to keep politics out of this space as much as possible… but these particular politics are fixing to potentially affect our very existence. As one of our comic’s running themes goes — letting the ClearStreams of the world decide what you get to see is not the wisest of ideas.