First off! Happy Thanksgiving! Well, atleast to those living in the USA and maybe Canada. I’ve had a habit of being a little quiet for the last couple of blogs, I like to listen and a little shy I guess. But for the holidays, I figured I would write a blog and have a goal to write more. So you better be thankful…or happily eating pie…I’m not very picky. Though now I want pie.

But I figured that since this comic has two completely different character personalities standing next to each other (Rosa’s explosion of personality and Frank’s subtle expressions) that I would talk a bit about drawing these expressions.

What’s more than drawing characters for me? Their personalities! My goal with drawing this comic first was attempting to draw characters with emotion/characteristic quirks.
Some are subtle and repressive like Suzie or Frank – who I like to think feel that actions speak louder than words and have experienced enough in their lives to not be easily surprised. Then there’s characters like Uncle Chuck and Rosa that tend to be more expressive (Okay a whole lot expressive).

The hardest out of these two extremes is drawing someone with subtle to no expression for me. Trying to draw Frank with his “poker face” can be a trial. If I’m not careful, Frank could end up seeming like a cookie cutter character, just someone that I could copy and past on every panel.

Uncle Chuck and Rosa are my favorite personalities to draw so far. Uncle Chuck is so laid back and tends to always have a smile/grin on his face. I try to make him seem cheerful and nostalgic for the “good old days” before the Zombie attack.

Rosa’s expressions are fun to draw with her “I don’t care what you think of me” cheerful attitude. I also wanted to draw Rosa a little different from the others. I didn’t want to draw her as a thin attractive woman, but with a little bit of chunk to her weight. Which wasn’t an easy decision to make because it’s not the attractive norm in many comic books. Sure there’s Francine from Strangers in Paradise, they kept saying she was overweight throughout the comic’s story, but I never saw her as being fat really (truthfully she seemed normal). Plus there’s a lack of chunky artist reference models out there.
But for Rosa’s personality I feel that maybe she was raised by big brothers and didn’t get so much of the “a proper lady eats healthy and has manners” that many young ladies hear from their moms/aunts/etc. So her expressions are a little more towards being a big tomboy, with a whole lot of street smarts, and a dash of cunning. Which showing her awkwardly flirting with Frank is a lot of fun. Rosa…confident in everything but attracting the opposite sex.