I intended to share a piece of fan art last week, but things got a little hectic with school, work, getting the comic out to the printing press, and getting ready for the first weekend of the Southern California Renaissance Faire (I work there every year).

But what I neglected to share in my blog was this piece from a talented fan. Her name is Shwinn and I love how she choose to draw Suzanna hunting down that pesky flamingo from earlier.  Thanks Shwinn, I look forward to seeing more art from you in the future.
You can see more of her fan art and others’ in our Fan Art section of the Zombie Ranch website.

If you have some Zombie Ranch inspired artwork and want to share it and get it posted on the Fan Art page, then feel free to contact us by clicking the “Say Howdy” button on the top navigation bar. Just upload your image in a place like deviantART and send that link in your comment when you send it.