I hate the color pink. I mean….I really hate the color pink. It’s probably because I was always a huge tomboy as a kid (wanting to play with my brother) and everyone would always think I liked girly things. Barbie, pink dresses, pink makeup sets, etc. All of them pink because pink is a girl’s color. I hated being defined as a pretty little proper girl. I wanted to play baseball, basketball, and kick peoples’ asses in Karate sparring.

So I have to bring back Chuck’s Pink Flamingo in today’s comic…it wasn’t hard to draw Suzie’s angry annoyance at the little plastic pink bird.

This comic also reminds me of when my dad planted a cactus in the driveway garden at one of my homes, right next to the roses and other pretty little flowers that my mother was growing. She hated that cactus, and I thought the bugger looked ugly, too. We did everything to that cactus: we “accidentally” ran over it with the car, “accidentally” spilled gasoline/bleach/drano on it, “forgot” to not let the dog that digs up plants get to it by opening his gate. But no matter what we did to it, it just wouldn’t die!

So I think in my mind that maybe Suzie has tried to get rid of the ugly flamingo in a similar fashion, for you see chips, cracks, and duct tape on one of it’s legs. Maybe she does things like accidentally kicking it or running the cart over it. If she really does, who knows…? Ask the writer.