Listen, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now. Let’s not lose sight of some potentially very important events, like the debut of what would appear to be a game combining aggressive taco truck entrepeneurship and the Apocalypse.

Full disclosure: I have not personally played Gunman: Taco Truck. I did, however, watch Jim Sterling play it, and while he had some concerns over the controls it looks quite fun.

Also like Jim Sterling, I didn’t realize until I looked into the game that it was conceived by John Romero’s then nine (now twelve) year old adopted son. If you don’t know the name John Romero, you might at least recognize that he along with John Carmack and a bevy of other talent at Id Software was one of the people responsible for bringing the landmark original Doom video game to the world in the early 1990s.  If you, like me, were obsessed with PC gaming during that era, you also might know Romero rapidly got a rep (deserved or not) for massive ego and that all came home to roost with his ill-fated later pet project Daikatana. If not, enjoy the history lesson of those links.

Romero kind of dropped off the map for me after that, so it was intriguing to see him back in the game in a way, fostering a new generation in the form of a kid that, while admittedly having some great help, also had an arguably great idea for a game. It doesn’t hurt that the kid’s mom and Romero’s current wife is the woman who was a lead designer of the Wizardry franchise.

Wizardry not ring a bell? Have another history lesson. Or just know that the computer role-playing game as we know it today pretty much owes all its basic DNA to those games. It’s a big deal.

So the kid’s got a good pedigree. As for the game, it just released and currently has a pricetage of $11.99 US on Steam, which I’ll admit is a bit pricey for me based on what I’ve seen so far — but if one of you has taken or will take the chance, though, I’d be interested to hear your experience!