Now you might be wondering why I didn’t title our latest comic “Dawn of the Dead”, what with the obvious sleazy pun on the artist’s name. Well, that’s just it: too easy. I like to think I have my boundaries. Occasionally.

Here we are just ten days from Hallowe’en, and in between writing and my Real Job(tm), I’ve been busy trying to get the word out about Zombie Ranch. You might have noticed a few more ranking buttons popped up linking to places like and – I also added us to the Zombie Webcomics section of the Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki, did a shameless plug (no, really, that’s what the subforum is called) on the forums of All Things Zombie, and another shameless plug on the Zombies Bite blog.

Much better than self-promotion, though, is when others independently consider you worthy of promotion. So far only a couple instances of that, but what can you expect when you’re just starting, right? We were very happy to have our sneak peek publication reviewed at ComicBookCollectorsBlog.Com, and just today I discovered that someone maintaining a list of horror-themed webcomics on the forums of Comic Monsters found us.

I’m putting a lot of links in this post. Why? Because I think the best kind of promotion is still good ol’ fashioned word of mouth, or its Internet equivalent. With that in mind, I’m sure a good number of you coming here already know about The Zombie Hunters and Everyday Decay, but if you don’t, go check them out. Another long-running zombie webcomic is Dead Winter. Finally, there’s this one I just found today, and it’s rocking my socks: Raising Hell.

I stole the title of this post from my wife, who in turn got the idea from a Toby Keith song she downloaded for Rock Band: “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.” I’m not a big TK fan, but I must admit I love that title.

Oh, I almost forgot! Back in 2004 I used to waste a lot of time playing a free browser-based MMO zombie game called Urban Dead. Well, lo and behold, that sucker is still going! Give it a whirl if you feel the notion.