Horses are terrifying. My artist has convinced me of this.

Oh sure, I knew they could be dangerous. They’re big suckers. People can get crushed to death by a horse falling on them. There’s a good reason that for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, heavy cavalry charges could make or break an entire battle when they thundered into enemy lines.

So when my wife accuses me of having thought of horses as nothing more than My Little Pony, that’s not entirely accurate. What I actually meant to say was that I figured she’d have to “zombie it up” in order for it to be truly creepy and scary.

That’s when she started showing me pictures of horses rolling their eyes and baring their teeth, sticking their heads in car windows to frighten small children, and all manner of roguery.  Frankly, the rotting zombie horse she came up with seems well-behaved by comparison (at least for now).

Anyhow, welcome to everyone who’s been reaching us by way of our cunningly placed ad links. Hopefully you’re liking what you see so far, or at least intrigued enough to come on back by for a few more Wednesdays. If you really feel inspired, you can always give us a click for a TopWebComics vote, or leave a comment on this site or our forum. We already had a couple fans drop us a line informing us of a cool sounding zombie flick we hadn’t seen yet (Dead Snow), for which we are greatly thankful.

Speaking of movies, Dawn and I have been in further touch with Mondo Celluloid, the organizers of the 2nd Annual Long Beach Zombie Walk. They have been gracious enough to make us a sponsor for the month, and we’re going to be there on Friday, Oct. 30th to be part of the shamble and hand out some Zombie Ranch swag. There’s an entire evening of zombie fun planned on 4th street. The details are here. So if you’re near the L.A. area, come on by! Participating in the walk is absolutely free, though tickets for the Night of the Living Dead midnight screening are $10 each (you can pre-order with the link above).