And so here’s Halloween and our first “holiday” sketch for Zombie Ranch, a break both from our normal update schedule and our normal continuity.

Solomon Kane is a character that might not be too well known out there right now, although that may change once the movie debuts. As my wife indicates, Kane was created back in the late 1920s by the same pulp writer who originally created Conan the Barbarian. He doesn’t have the same name recognition, but his iconic image should be quite familiar to anyone who’s familiar with Warhammer Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, or any number of other works of fiction and art since then. Yes, even including the recent movie Van Helsing, which was a pretty obvious… well, let’s call it an homage. When you think “badass witch hunter”, think Solomon Kane.

Nuff said.

'Nuff said.

For those of you celebrating Halloween the “American” way, here’s wishing you lots of candy and booze! Unless of course you’re under the drinking age, in which case I can only publically endorse candy.

Something wonderful happened just after our previous update on Wednesday. I mean that somewhat literally, in that Project Wonderful approved us as a publisher. We’ve been using them to advertise through some other sites, but now others can use us to advertise as well! We currently have no minimum bids on our adspace, so if you’re interested just check out the areas on our site with the telltale ‘Your Ad Here’ notice. We may not be a terribly popular site as yet, but hey, we’re cheap. Real cheap. As in, possibly even free of charge for now so long as nobody else is bidding. You’ll have to join up with Project Wonderful if you haven’t already, but if you’re trying to promote your website it is totally worth it, whether you go with us or any number of other member sites.

Speaking of other sites, check out Daisy is Dead. My timing sucks in terms of finding it because the artist/writer just stated she’s going on hiatus, but there’s a sizeable archive to chew through. As far as comedy zombie strips, hers is one of the best I’ve seen. I love the almost Looney Tunes level cartoony art style and it’s consistently funny. Well, it’s funny to me, and that’s what matters. So there.

One last Halloween special, courtesy of a random Google search I did last week on “Zombie Cowboys”. It’s an animated music video by that same name, set to a song in the vein of old Country-Western horror classics like “Ghost Riders in the Sky“.

Got five minutes to kill? Give it a look. Zombie Cowboys! Yee-ha!

Happy Halloween everyone!