A good idea is much like a hungry zombie. It grabs hold of you and won’t stop until it has consumed your brain.

My wife tends to have a lot of ideas, especially when she’s drawing in the middle of the night. Some are ingenious, some are just plain odd. But when I awoke one morning to find an illustration of a young, shotgun-totin’ cowgirl facing down a horde of zombies, I was intrigued.

When Dawn stumbled forth from bed a few hours later, I asked her about the picture.

Later still, after she had a shower, some breakfast and some caffeine, I asked her again. This time I actually got an answer: the young lady is a zombie rancher. She’s wrangling zombies on her zombie ranch.

Like I said, some of Dawn’s ideas are ingenious, and some are odd. But every so often, there’s one that’s both. I wanted to know this woman’s story, and how she’d gotten herself into such a strange occupation. Since Dawn had no real answers for those details, I was left to my own daydreams on the subject. Daydreams that eventually evolved into a script on my part, and a lot more pictures on hers.

We hope you find the idea as infectious as we did. Saddle up and shamble along for the ride.