So the great John Wayne instructs his son in the movie “Red River“. Of course his son ends up taking the cattle to Kansas; similarly, we must defy The Duke’s command and drive our zombies down to Long Beach, instead.

The sneak preview print run is done and came out quite nicely, as did our swag stickers. Nothing left to do now but take ’em to market and see how it goes. The exhibit floor opens at 3pm Friday, which if we’ve set things right should also be the moment our first page for the comic goes live on this very site. We may not know about that until tomorrow evening since our Internet access will be limited at best out there, so bear with us.

One thing we’re very jealous of is that, due to us being busy all this weekend, a great many of you will be getting out to see “Zombieland” before we do. But don’t spare our feelings, it looks like a heckuva lot of fun. In fact, if you feel like telling us about it, sign up for our forum and make a post under the “Brain Food” section. I suppose a spoiler tag would be in order, although I myself am more of a journey person regardless of if I know the destination.

It’s ticked over past midnight as I’ve been writing this. Today is now the day. Time to get some shut-eye so we can get those zombies wrangled and moving along in the morning. Long Beach ain’t as far as Missouri but L.A. freeways have their own perils to contend with.