I’m going to confine myself to a shorter blog since it’s Dawn’s birthday this week and she worked hard getting the comic done early so she’d have opportunity to relax and be treated to a nice dinner and I suppose I’d best not hold that up with too much blah-blahing.

You may have noticed on a readthrough (or re-readthrough) of this comic online that our lettering style has evolved over time. Oh, we settled fairly early on a standard font for the dialogue, but the spacing of the dialogue has gone through some changes. Noticeable changes if you happen to be looking out for them. Our print volume collection represents when I went back through and standardized everything for consistency’s sake, whether or not anyone may have consciously been aware of it. But here, when I have the occasional bit of “flashback” or “previous footage” of someone saying something, it will occasionally cross the borders between a previous lettering stage and the current one.

In these cases I’ve elected to leave things alone and let the older version of the spacing, etc. nest itself within the new page. It’s supposed to be something ripped out of time anyhow, right? Might as well let it look a little off to set it apart. I’ll probably bring it all back in line again for some print version down the road where the original moment can be reformatted as well, but for the moment it never seems to be so jarring as to need an immediate overhaul, and might in fact be more jarring if I mucked about.