It’s a weird feeling, going on a pure vacation trip after so many instances where travel was basically “for business”, i.e. hauling our stuff off to some convention or other. Only two bags each? One of them small enough for carry on? What was this madness?

But here we are back again… and oddly enough, despite the beauty of Hawaii’s scenery and my obvious wardrobe predilection towards tropical wear, glad to return. Of course, between jetlag and just the sheer physical toll of two sedentary nerds being outdoors and active for several days, we were exhausted, and it didn’t help that the final leg of our return was a SNAFU that left us stranded in the fumes of our home airport for several hours longer than expected. Oh LAX… this is why we always use Burbank Airport to fly…

I returned to my day job starting today and that was like going right back in the deep end, particularly because no one had been checking in on my workload like I warned should probably happen. As a result my arms are about ready to fall off, and so I’m going to end this here. Come on by next week and I’ll hopefully be more “talkative” again.

P.S. in an unexpected turn of events, returning to my favorite local sushi spot here in Pasadena proved to be its own slice of paradise. Okay, stopping now for sure.