The Story

Meet Susannah Zane. She’s a rancher. She raises livestock.

Only thing is, her stock isn’t technically “live”.

The Great Zombie Plague wiped out a fair portion of civilization, and humans weren’t the only victims of its ravenous hunger. But that was years ago, and where cattle, pigs, and sheep got scarce, practical sorts found a new herd to market: the zombies themselves!

Now a crew has come out to film a new reality television series on the subject. To the viewers in the Safe Zones, it might be an eye-opener; but for Suzie and her compadres it’s just another day in the unlife.

Welcome to the Zombie Ranch.

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Cast o’ Characters

Susannah Zane | Frank Hays | Zeke McCarty | Uncle Chuck | Rosa Amarilla | The Crew

Susannah Zane:

Suzie The young owner of the Z Ranch is a “Repop”, one of many babies born in the wave of jubilation that accompanied the announced end of the Wars. Despite that, life in the Wild Zones is still harsh, and Suzie has had to grow up fast in a weird new world. The Zane Family were a proud lineage of Texan ranchers long before the Plague, and though she has buried both a mother and a father, Suzie intends to keep to that tradition, no matter what stock are in the pens or what hardships fate throws her way.

Frank Hays:

Frank The current foreman of the Z Ranch, Frank is old enough to remember ranching cattle instead of zombies, and survived through some rough times during the Plague years. Consequently he has something of distrust for fancy technology, but he’s been a boon to the Zanes since Suzie’s daddy hired him several years back. What his past was before that is anyone’s guess, since Frank isn’t what you’d call a big talker.

Zeke McCarty:

Zeke Zeke is the ranch’s newest hired hand, an inexperienced “greenhorn” who is learning the zombie wrangling trade under Frank’s watchful eye. Cheerful, enthusiastic, and a bit of a show-off, Zeke isn’t that much younger than Suzie, but arguably has a lot more growing up to do.

Uncle Chuck:

Uncle Chuck Charles Worthington Zane is Suzie’s paternal uncle, which in regular talk means he’s her daddy’s brother. Despite being much older than anyone else working the Z Ranch, Chuck was never big on the whole concept of responsibility and is quite happy to let Suzie be in charge. Meantime Chuck continues to cook up meals for the crew, do odd jobs, and collect chintzy pre-Plague memorabilia as a hobby. He’s a veteran of the Wars, but would much rather talk to you about the lawn flamingo he scavenged last year than any portion of that depressing time.

Rosa Amarilla:

Rosa This mystery woman showed up at the Z Ranch after an unfortunate breakdown stranded her in the wastes. She seems to be the type that talks a lot, but doesn’t actually give away very much. Heck, to be honest we’re not even sure that’s her real name, but there’s no one around to say different. At least, not yet.

The Crew:

The Crew Known so far only by their radio communication through remote camera drones, or brief glimpses into shadowy corporate offices, the producers and technicians behind the scenes of the “Zombie Ranch” reality series keep themselves a safe distance from the dangerous occupation they are documenting. Who are they? Unknown. What do they want? Probably the same as any TV production ever wanted, apocalypse or not: high ratings.


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