Clint here, invading Dawn’s usual space for two reasons; first, we’ve come to the end of another episode! If you’re not familiar with our usual procedure at these junctures, be aware that the week following is when we’ll debut our cover for the “chapter” you’ve just read. A week after that, we’ll move the cover to its permanent place at the beginning of the fifth episode and mosey along into Episode 6.

The other thing I wanted to bring up is that SteelRaven should get some long overdue credit for catching sight of the abandoned Z Tracker way back in panel 2 of comic  #104. It’s always great when you guys pick up on things, even if I don’t feel I can comment on them right away. Suzie was too preoccupied to see it in the smoke. Rosa? Her bike may have been on her mind, but when you’re an opportunist you’re always on the lookout for, well, opportunity!

Brett is safe for the moment, but the wild card is in play. Join us in two weeks for the continuation of Zombie Ranch!