Frank’s always seemed distrustful if not overtly paranoid about the cameras being around. But maybe not paranoid enough, given there appears to be another agenda that even Forsythe, much less ClearStream as a whole, remains unaware of. Whoever’s on the other end of that line doesn’t seem to care much about television ratings, and while coldly squeezing entertainment value out of human tragedy isn’t a virtuous line of work to begin with, this…

Well, this just seems downright nasty.

The (Temporary) End is Here!

As forewarned a few weeks back, this page marks the ending of our first major story arc and the start of your humble creators’ “Summer vacation”. If you’re planning to bookmark and return to us later, we highly recommend doing so on this page so that you don’t end up with any navigation problems when we get moving again. This page will be safe in the storyline structure, whereas any of the filler we post in between may be moved around.

Next week we are still planning to post our traditional “cover image”, and then the week after that we’ll have to see what we’ve got in the way of guest art donations. If we don’t have enough, Dawn might post something (probably something sketchy and silly), but it’s also possible we might just skip on graphical content on entirely. We’re going to be trying to do a few both long-overdue and potentially catastrophic things like reformatting and upgrading Dawn’s computer, so we’ll just have to see. Clint will probably still post blogs, for those of you who like them words.

Assuming everything goes well, we should be starting Episode 8 on August 21st. Thank you for your indulgence in the meantime, and mark your calendars to join us then!