(NOTICE: Due to some update SNAFUs on our back end, a few things may not be working properly at the moment, including our RSS Feed. We hope to have everything sorted out by this weekend, but in the meantime we focused on getting the comic done first and foremost)

You remember Brett and Lacey, right? Well, she very sensibly (if not necessarily bravely) dragged Brett to the siege house after their escape. Figure Lacey’s been looking after him this whole time, or at least that’s probably what her excuse will be if Suzie starts chewing them out later on (ooh, phrasing).

If you’re in the L.A./Orange County area, don’t forget that the 5th annual Long Beach Comic & Horror Con is coming up on Nov. 23rd and 24th! We’ll be there as Dawn Wolf and Clint Wolf in Artist’s Alley, table 1907.  We’ll give more details and probably a nice ‘how to find us’ map as we get closer, but if you want to buy tickets ahead of time, go for it! TICKET LINK

If all goes well, we should have limited quantities of the newly printed Issue #6 on hand, as well as some Zombie Ranch inspired jewelry and perhaps a Popcorn plushie or two. Hope to see some of you there!