Time to begin a new episode of Zombie Ranch! Looks like another informative media interlude is upon us, though this time on a subject it seems those who live and/or work in the Wild Zones would like to avoid. We’d hope everyone remembers Suzie, but for a refresher course here’s our first appearances of the Sheriff and Deputy Jimmy, and “Wild” Will Nguyen, the other folks being featured. Though I’m sure Will would be quite bent out of shape to think that anyone could forget him!

Those of you paying attention to the numbers will note this is our 200th story page. Nice, eh? Someone on some message board somewhere once posted that they don’t really pay attention to any webcomic with less than 200 pages in its archive, so we have now potentially satisfied one more random person on the Internet.

But seriously, it’s nice to still be around and publishing this story. Thank you all for your continued readership! And we’re pleased to announce our next convention appearance has been confirmed for WonderCon Anaheim 2014, where we’ll be in the Small Press area. Tickets are available for purchase now at quite reasonable prices considering what the convention offers, so if you’ll be around and about the Southern California area on April 18th-20th, why not give a click here and plan to drop on by to say howdy!