Heckuva nice viewpad. It sure did get around, didn’t it?

WonderCon Anaheim 2014 is upon us this weekend! We’ll be in the program as LAB REJECT STUDIOS at SMALL PRESS SP-74, although our Zombie Ranch and Art of Dawn banners will be up for those walking by. As of now All-Days and Saturday is sold out but badges are still available for Friday and Sunday. Online-only purchasing, though, so if you want to swing by be sure you follow this link and get them bought!

The convention should be our debut of the print version of Issue #7. Also since we’re going to be focused on the show, NEXT WEEK WILL BE EITHER A SKETCH WEEK OR FAN ART, depending on if any of you have something you’d want to submit to help out Dawn’s aching artist hands. We have some guidelines here if you’re interested, probably short notice but then again there’s always the chance one of you might have been working on a piece already. Regardless, there will be some sort of content, but if you’re not the type for filler then just plan on joining us again May 30th as the story continues!