Don’t think Suzie’s very surprised that once Eustace actually got to spend some time with his son (or rather, what’s left of him), he’d change his mind about wanting to have him back. Frank’s probably not really too shocked, either, just annoyed that he isn’t any closer to solving his Zeke issues, and on top of that now possibly out some pay over it.

And with that, a mini-semi-Summer hiatus is upon us! Family needs have combined with San Diego Comic-Con this year and that means Dawn and Clint will be running ragged, so instead of the usual post-SDCC break we’re going to be doing a pre-and-post break and plan to start up the story again on August 6th. July 23rd and July 30th will be sketch days, unless we happen to receive any fan art donations from you guys in which case we’d be glad to feature them. Instructions and examples here. We know it’s short notice so no worries if you have ideas but no time. Meanwhile Clint will continue his weekly Writer’s Blog throughout for those of you who like to mosey by for that.

If you’re one of the lucky folks who will also be headed to SDCC, we won’t have a booth this year, but be sure to check out Dawn’s entries in the Art Show, which as always is located in its annex off the Sails Pavilion (the big upstairs area where attendees get their badges printed). Check her Art of Dawn gallery site and follow her Twitter ( @artofdawn ) for the latest information. She’s hard at work on some great new original pieces for sale!