All those years living with Muriel are what you call “peaceful times”, Eustace? Well, I guess when you’re referring to a zombie apocalypse just about anything else would seem better by comparison.

Did you guys know Dawn currently has her art in a contest? She does! The Mary Sue website and We Love Fine have teamed up with the notion to produce some new t-shirts and Dawn has two entries that could use your love and support (and most importantly of all, your vote ratings). In fact we’ll be more egalitarian than that, you can rate each and every design submitted, so feel free to follow your hearts and support any of a number of dazzling designs. Though we hope you’ll follow your hearts at least somewhat towards Dawn’s stuff. We’re not entirely without shamelessness, and there are cash prizes involved which would be ever so nice for paying bills and buying supplies.  Just sayin’.


You can also check out Dawn’s site for her personal plea and to see the artwork in question.

Oh heck, we’ll just post them here, too. You do have to create a We Love Fine account to vote, but that doesn’t take long. You have until August 26th to submit any and all ratings!


“A New Generation”


“Fight And Flight”