And now a comment from the artist: It’s HORSE GLUE! Get it?! Horse glue!

This ends our comment from the artist. Thank you.


And this is why the writer won’t let me name the comics. But I’m the type that can’t be serious for too long. So while creating this I had to look at the writer from time to time and remind him why the fact that it was Horse Glue was hilarious. [Writer’s Note: Yes, dear, I am fully aware of the irony, here…] Then he reins me back in so that I don’t start making goofy suggestions for the future of the comic. I tend to leave all my goofy ideas on my Bits of Nothing comic journal and it helps me get the silly ideas out of me.

Also…that damn Zombie Horse is something that I didn’t expect to turn out the way it did. Makes me want a real zombie horse to hug…till it started chewing on my brain.