Ah, the woes of a cloaked drone in the presence of uncontrolled automatic weapons. Does Oscar have any concept of what he’s seeing, though? I doubt the huachuca is interested in corroborating the sighting, especially with one of his eyeballs still being singed.

Meanwhile in the real world, two important events are coming up this weekend for your humble proprietors: #1, we’re tabling once again at the Long Beach Comic Expo! This Saturday and Sunday, February 18th and 19th, we’ll be at Artist’s Alley Table N10, likely in the program under either Clint Wolf, Dawn Wolf, or both. Secondly is that Saturday will mark our twelfth wedding anniversary! Yes, that’s us, romantically working to turn out a comic during Valentine’s Day, then spending our wedding anniversary working a comic convention. Then again that’s not entirely sarcastic if you look at it from the proper nerd standpoint. Hope to see some of you there!