I can’t work when it’s quiet, so I have a habit of having the TV on when I’m drawing. Sadly I can’t have a TV at my web design job and I got tired of listening to music after a while. So for the past few months I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts through iTunes. They tend to update once a week, fun to listens, and I can listen to really nerdy podcasts without anyone else knowing how much of a nerd I am…okay…they all know I’m a giant nerd.

Some favorite Podcasts I listened to or have listened to:

If you listen to any that you think are really interesting, feel free to share. I’m always looking for good podcasts!

We had started doing a podcast earlier this year, but it ended up being put on hold because we both got a really bad cold that didn’t go away for weeks. And I thought that people wouldn’t want to hear me coughing through the podcast.

But as I mentioned before, I’m naturally a quiet person. So I feel that a podcast would be a good exercise skill to get me to stop being so quiet. I tend to do things like this to help me get over things I want to change and try to find a fun way to do it. Like when I had a really bad stage fright  problem, so I decide to work the Renaissance Faire – I made myself interact with people and added points to how big of a nerd I am.

So the other question is, what would you be interested in a podcast from us? Want us to talk about the comic? Review comics/movies? Me just talking about how much of a nerd I am? Just talk about current events? Or you don’t really care, just interested in the thought of a podcast?