Warning, you are about to read one of:

Dawn’s Weird ideas..

I never really watched the show, but watched enough of it that a visual image came to my mind (a dangerous thing for those that know me). The Power Rangers have been many things, from samurai to dino rangers. There’s only one thing left now in my opinion, Mighty Morphin Undead Rangers!

That’s just not right!

Though entertaining in my mind, it would be a really short series. It would start with the Rangers getting their new Morphers. They get attacked by Rita’s monsters and transform. Then we cut to Rita Repulsa looking down on earth with a look of shock and saying “The Rangers are…eating everyone. Not just the minions…but…everyone”.

She pauses for a while in contemplation. Sure she wanted to destroy the Rangers..but would she wish this on her worst enemies? But the feeling passes just as soon as it came and she suddenly remembers that she’s a villain and cackles with glee.

It ends with her inviting Lord Zed over to party. The end.


Bring forth the cocktail weenies! And get one of those food trucks up here!