So cold last night that while finishing up this page, I made hot tea just to put my cold hands on so that they would stop shaking and gain some feeling back.

But after a certain amount of pages, I try something new that either might strengthen my art style or just to try something new. Like on the page prior to this one, I tried animating the TV lines in the top two panels (check out here on my deviantART page). It didn’t test very well and it just seemed too noisy to most that I asked to critique it. But I hope to add animation in the future, but I plan to make it subtle.

In the last panel I had the fun opportunity to play with drawing smoke.

But thanks to all of you that visited me while I colored this page on Dawn TV. It was a lot of fun to hear from all of you and chat with some of you. Look forward to it again in the future. :D