Still don’t know where we’ll be set up at the Long Beach Comic Expo February 20th, but we have received confirmation that we’re still there. Keep you up to date when we get any updates/changes to Saturday.

If the writer will let me, I’ll show off a cool new drawing I’m working on for a new character in Zombie Ranch. I doubt that he’ll have that much of a problem, but right now I’m still somewhat working on it and probably will be trying to finish it up at the Long Beach Comic Con. This is a character I came up with and the writer found it to be a good idea. I swear, I have the weirdest ideas when it’s really late at night.

Spring semester starts next week, meaning that I won’t be so relaxed with when I draw the comic. Being able to concentrate on just the comic without the distractions of art projects/homework was nice. I’ll be taking a hopefully simple class and hopefully I won’t have to worry about being too overloaded.