A theme song for a webcomic? Preposterous, you say! And yet, this webcomic is in part about a TV show, and TV shows have theme songs. What could be better than some country-twanged gentleman regaling the Safe Zone audiences about the romance and danger of the occupation they’re about to witness?

I brainstormed the lyrics, and then thanks to a pair of very talented and generous friends, got a song together eminently worthy of some imagined opening title sequence. Oh sure, there might be some irony there what with the upbeat presentation versus zombie heads exploding, but the Safers sure have themselves a catchy tune to hum!

Zombie Ranch Theme Song

Download the song! (You know the drill… “Right click” “Save as…”)

Lyrics: Clint Wolf — Music & Vocals: Seth Linker & Justin Miller

Every sunrise they greet a new dawn of the dead
They’re out boltin’ and brandin’ and countin’ the head
No glory, no diamonds, no frills and no mansion
It just, just pays the bills when you’re out zombie ranchin’

They’ve stepped to the call with one foot in the grave
So far from the walls of a Safe Zone enclave
So come on and ride with the bold and the brave.

Though this kind of strife, might set city folks to blanchin’
It’s just a day in the unlife, when you’re out zombie ranchin’.
It’s just a day in the unlife, when you’re out zombie ranchin’.