When thunder rolls, and you see the dolls…

Poor Darlene. They should’ve sent a poet. Even if it’s Deputy Jimmy.

Anyhow, if you’ve been keeping count you’ll know that this is a wrap of another seven episodes since our first trade. Which would be plenty for a second trade, but… yeah, we don’t want to leave y’all hanging that much, so we decided we’re gonna roll one more episode into this here arc.

But first — San Diego Comic-Con! That means we’re going to break with our usual methods just slightly. We’ll do a sketch week for next Wednesday, then the Wednesday after that debut the Episode 14 cover art, and then get back to documenting this nasty Huachuca business with the start of Episode 15 on August 2nd. Meanwhile by all means if you’re one of the lucky ones at SDCC be sure to drop by our digs at Small Press P-14 and say howdy!

Oh. Oh man. Sorry Darlene. Too soon.